Town of Saratoga Officials and Contact Numbers


Town Offices are located at 12 Spring Street in Schuylerville


Mailing Address is:

Town of Saratoga

12 Spring Street

Schuylerville, NY 12871


Town Hall Telephone numbers   695-3644,    695-4034,   695-3263

 Town Hall Fax number  695-6782

 Town Justice Telephone number   695-6887

 Town Justice Fax number    695-3264

Town Board Members

Supervisor Thomas N. Wood III        Office  695-3644 extension 314


Councilman Gary Squires

Councilman Charles Hanehan

Councilman James Jennings

Councilman Michael McLoughlin



Town Clerk

Linda McCabe                                       695-3644 extension 311


Deputy Town Clerk

Linda McCabe                                                695-3644 extension 317



Victoria L. Hayner                              695-3644 extension 312


Assessor Clerk

            Dorothy Lavazzo                                695-3644 extension 321


Building Inspector/Zoning Officer

Gilman Albert                                            695-3644  extension 313


Zoning & Planning Clerk

Linda McCabe                                    695-3644 extension 322


Tax Collector

Margaret Kirkpatrick                                     695-3644 extension 318


Town Justices

Dan Waldron                                      695-3644 extension 320

Charles Sherman                                            695-3644 extension 319


Justice Clerks

Bonnie Williams                                  695-3644 extension 315

Jennifer Johnston                                                extension 327



Dog Control Officer

Ed Cross                                             cell 361-0689 home 587-0792



Sean Kelleher                                            695-3644 extension 323    Home 583-0506


Health Officer

Dr Christopher Thomas            695-3668

Highway Superintendent

Don Ormsby                                                695-3904   cell 424 6041


Meals on Wheels Program

                                                695-3644 extension 316


Planning Board Members


Chairman     Ian Murray

Laurie Griffen

Patrick Hanehan

Robert McConnell

Chris  Koval  Alternate

Joe Lewandowski

Brandon Myers

 George Olsen 

Zoning Board of Appeals


Chairman      William Moreau

Chris Benn

Thomas Carringi

Clifford Hanehan

Steve Mehan

Clarence Fosdick

Mark Sullivan

Nick Schwartz



Board of Assessment Review

Chris Miller  Chairman

Jamie O'Neil

Ruth Drumm

Rawson Gamage

Wendy Lukas

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