Thomas N. Wood, III


Town of Saratoga

Village of Schuylerville

Village of Victory




9 – Village of Schuylerville board meets and approved new alternate street parking laws. Schuyler Hose Fire Department begins drive to raise $1,500. to purchase Bullard Brand Thermal Imaging Camera enabling firefighters to see through thick smoke making it easier, safer, and quicker to search for trapped victims. The board approved the resignation of Michael Hughes from the joint water commission. It was announced that on the first Friday of each month the Village Board will hold a workshop at 1:30 in the Village Office.

9 & 10 – Schuylerville Community Theater conducts auditions for the musical "Annie Get Your Gun"

10 – Schuylerville Central School Board of education conducts meeting

14 – Town of Saratoga Board meets and announces that they will act as the lead agency for the American Battlefield Protection Program Grant already approved by the Village of Schuylerville Board. Dog Control Officer Rick Sullivan reported that plans are underway for a dog census. Highway department received approval for purchase of a new side-dump truck with snow removal attachments. The Saratoga National Veterans Cemetery is renamed the Gerald B. H. Solomon National Cemetery.

17 Schuylerville Central School Home School Association sponsors the Harlem Wizards vs. The Schuylerville Central School faculty in a fund raising event.

17 Ryan Matthew Talbot son of Gary and Michele Talbot of Town of Saratoga awarded Willard Mountain Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution DAR Good Citizen Award.

20 – Old Saratoga Historical Association sponsors ice skating on the old canal.




11 – Town of Saratoga Board meets. It was announced that the Town had received a negative declaration from the State Environmental Quality Review regarding the new Comprehensive Plan recently developed. The board approved conducting a special referendum for the construction of a new Town Office Complex on RT 32 on April 23rd from noon to 9:00 p.m.

12 – Special election conducted for Assemblyman for 100th assembly district to replace recently retired assemblyman Robert D’Andrea. Roy McDonald wins the election.

13 – Village of Schuylerville clerk/treasurer announces that she is seeking a new position and will be leaving her job at the Village in the near future. James Miers was appointed to the joint Schuylerville-Victory Joint Water Commission. The village board approved mutual aid fire contracts with the Town of Saratoga and the Town of Easton and a $4,000. contract for the Schuylerville Public Library with the Town of Saratoga.

27 – A public hearing was held by the Schuylerville Board regarding the proposed purchase by Schuyler Hose Company of a new engine truck capable of transporting six firemen. The new truck will cost approximately $250,000. and Schuyler Hose currently has $60,000. set aside for the purchase.

28 Old Saratoga Historical Association conducts meeting. Charter member Midge Drew presents program on the history of OSHA.



9 & 10 Village of Victory David Nevins Fire Department displays new fire apparatus.

13- Village of Schuylerville conducts their annual meeting. Clerk Treasurer Julie Pratt provided her resignation date of April 5, 2002 and presented a detailed listing of her accomplishments in her four year term as clerk-treasurer.

23 General Schuyler’s Pantry owned by Marlene and Alan Bissell conduct Grand Opening March 23rd and 24th.

28 – The Historic Marshall House in the Town of Saratoga was recommended for the National Historic Preservation Board designation.

29- Village of Schuylerville conducts a referendum for the purchase of a new fire truck. The resolution passed



8- Town of Saratoga accepts the resignation of Planning Board Chairman Ralph Pascucci as Chairman of the Board. He will continue to serve as a member. The Town of Saratoga agreed to lease Olympian Hall for $600 per month from Andrew Sharts for an exhibit-Visitors Center for the 225th celebration. Town of Saratoga provides the Turning Point Parade $3,000. for the eighth Turning Point parade to be held August 4th.

10- The Schuylerville Village Board met and approved the roadway built in Morgan’s Lookout. The Laberge group was approved by the villages of Victory and Schuylerville to oversee the design and construction of a new water treatment facility. The board approved a $27,000 five year bond anticipation note to cover the costs of the removal of PCB contaminated soil at the boat launch along the Hudson River. The personal manual for the village was changed to make provision for the Deputy Clerk to receive personal time, full health benefits, ten days off of prorated vacation time sick time and holidays. The Village of Schuylerville contributes $2,000. to the Turning Point Parade Committee for the Turning Point Parade to be conducted August 4.

11- The Village of Victory conducts a public hearing for the 2002-2003 budget .

12- The Schuylerville Lions Club presented Schuyler Hose Company with a check for $1,000. towards the purchase of a $14,000. Thermo Imaging Camera.

17- Referendum conducted in the Village of Schuylerville permitting Schuyler Hose Company to purchase a new fire truck with a bond anticipation note of $190,000,

20- An earthquake registering 5.1 on the Richter scale hits the area on Saturday morning. No major damage is done.

22- Town of Saratoga Zoning Board of Appeals meets and approves a variance to William Loomis for a shed on his property.

23- Town wide Referendum conducted proposing the construction of a new Town of Saratoga Hall. Proposition defeated 462 votes opposed and 338 votes in favor

27- Several volunteers assisted in the planting of 300 arbor vita trees around the perimeter of the Schuylerville-Victory Wastewater Treatment facility.

27&28 and May 4 & 5 Schuylerville Methodist Church conducts a clothing drive




2-4 - The 77th annual New York State FFA Convention was held at the Schuylerville Central School. Hundreds of students and adult guests participated in the program. Governor George Pataki attended and was presented with a framed painting by local Artist Dick Salls. The picture given to the governor was titled "Journey’s End" was a depiction of the Saratoga National cemetery and links to the historical events of the Revolutionary War that occurred in the Town.

4 & 5 Fish Creek Garden Shoppe at 33 Saratoga Street in Schuylerville conducts their grand opening.

    1. The Village of Victory sponsors a spring clean up.

7 - Village Board of Victory Meets.

8- At a Village of Schuylerville meeting Mayor Sherman describes recent vandalism at the gazebo and drinking of alcoholic beverages. He requests that residence that witness such events report them to the state police. Ronnie Myers, owner of the Dovegate Inn requested that the Village Board install signs at the entrances to the village requesting that trucks please not use their engines (Jake Brakes) as brakes in the village because a great deal of noise is produced by this and it is disturbing the sleep of her guests.

15- The Village of Schuylerville appoints Barbara Tierney as the new Village Clerk/Treasurer. She will begin work on May 20th.

The Schuylerville Village Board approves a $686,739. budget for fiscal year 2002. This will result in a $.20 per thousand dollar assessment increase from $8.67 to $8.87 Doug Sarno, a consultant for the EPA will be surveying resident s of the village regarding the PCB dredging of the Hudson River.

13-24 A Village wide Spring Clean Up is sponsored by the Village. One trash and debris pick up will be provided for each household.

20 Zoning Board of Appeals met in the Town Hall and approved variance requests by Roland Goggin of 128 County Road 68 and Beau Stallard of Fish Creek Marina.

21. Residents of the Schuylerville Central School District pass an annual budget of 22.4 million dollars by a vote of 516 to 213. Also passed were propositions to purchase two new buses and approval to fund a portion of the Schuylerville Public Library. Sara Osborne won reelection to a five year term on the Board of education.

26- The Saratoga Monument formally opens to the public after being closed for repairs since 1987. Nearly 3 million dollars secured through the efforts of the late Congressman Gerald Solomon and former Assemblyman Bobby D’Andrea were required to perform the repairs.

  1. Town of Saratoga Planning Board met in the Town Hall.

30- Home School Association sponsors an appreciation tea at the elementary school



1 – Former Empress Motel is purchased and renovated by James Miers. The Motel is renamed Old Saratoga Motor Inn.

2 – Old Saratoga Reformed Church sponsors a benefit concert by the Saratoga strings orchestra under the direction of Mr. Gene usher. The program was at 2:00 p.m. and was for the benefit of the church Jamaican Mission Project.

5- Old Saratoga New Schuylerville sponsors a public forum titled "It’s our turn – What Can it do for Old Saratoga" in the Schuylervile Central School Auditorium on the Champlain Canal. Speakers included Marcia Kees of the Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor , Tom Pringle former manager of the Mallory-Collar City Lines, Sharon Leighton of the state Canal Corporation and David Crandall President of Environmental design and research.


10 – Town of Saratoga meets and approved the concept of a 20 lot subdivision at Nielson Road and Rt 9P. Work on the 10.5 million dollar Restoration work on Lock 5 has neared completion. Zoning Board of Appeals member Barbara Farone was present at the meeting and announced a public meeting of the Saratoga Lake Association is scheduled for August 1st at Panza’s Restaurant to discuss the proposed use of the lake as a water source for the city of Saratoga Springs. Sue Mallory of the Turning Point Parade Committee requested additional funding for the Parade scheduled for August 4th. She was told that $3,000. was allocated from the town and that they would look in to additional sources from the county but that the county had already allocated significant funds for the 225th celebration.

13- Schuylerville Central School Board of Education meets.



15 – Schuylerville DPW Foreman announces his retirement.



1 – 225th Victory at Saratoga Visitors Information center and Exhibition Hall is opened at Olympian Hall.


4 – Eighth annual Turning Point Parade with the theme "Let Freedom Ring" is a huge success. Schuylerville American legion Auxiliary wins first prize for their float.

22 – Macica Farm on Rt 29 in the Town of Saratoga open their new Corn Maze with the field layout theme flag raising at the World Trade Center.

29- Activated Seabee Reservist Robert S. Loya of Schuylerville returned from Afghanistan.



3- New side walks and building renovations at several structures on Broad Street are in progress.

11 – Special 911 memorial service is conducted in Schuylerville at Fort Hardy Park. A memorial tree is planted near the visitors center.

14 – Village of Victory conducts annual Open House and Community Day.

19 – Richard Ketchum discusses his book and has signing at Olympian Hall at 7:00 p.m. Event is sponsored by OSHA and the Saratoga National Park.

Residents of the Schuylerville Central School district pass a resolution authorizing the district to purchase 96 acres of land north of the current campus for $300.000.

24 – "The Patriot" movie is shown as part of the 225th film festival conducted at Olympian Hall



1 – "Drums Along the Mohawk" is shown at Olympian Hall as part of the 225th film festival.

  1. – "Sweet Liberty" movie is shown at Olympian Hall as part of the 225th Film Festival.

15 – "The Devil’s Disciple" movie is shown at Olympian Hall as part of the 225th celebration.

19- 225th Celebration of the Surrender of Burgoyne and American Victory at Saratoga is celebrated with a series of day long activities including guest speakers at Olympian hall, stamp cancellations, encampment at the monument, candlelight Surrender March of Burgoyne parade from the Monument to Fort Hardy park, a living tableau of the John Trumbull surrender scene, and fireworks. Guests that participated in the program included Governor George Pataki, Senator Joe Bruno, Congressman John Sweeney, Assemblyman Roy McDonald, Supervisor Robert Hall and numerous other County, Town, and Village officials. The attendance was estimated to be approximately 10,000.



5- Roy McDonald is elected Assemblyman to server the 100th assembly district.

Voters of the town reject the proposition to build a new town Hall by a vote of 877 to 422.

11 – Memorial and dedication ceremony is conducted at the Saratoga National Cemetery to honor all veterans and former Congressman Gerald B. H. Solomon.

15 – Special 911 Memorial is created in the Schuylerville Village Park on Broad Street by Sherry Doubleday.

25 – Rebuilding the dam on the old champlain canal is completed




Roohan and Bonacio purchase old school at the corner of Braod Street and Spring Street and begin renovations.

6- Annual Dutch Christmas Program sponsored by the Schuylerville Area Chamber of Commerce, was conducted beginning at 6:00 p.m. St. Nicholas led the candle light line of March from the Parking area near the old canal to the Village Park at the end of Broad Street. St. Nicholas gave a brief talk and Mayor Sherman lighted the Village Christmas Tree. Santa Claus arrived via the Schuyler Hose Fire Truck. Everyone walked back to Olympian Hall where the Adirondack School Chorus performed a concert and children had the opportunity to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Refreshments were provided to everyone.

9 – Town of Saratoga Board meets and did not approve the Advanced Life Support services and stated that it would not do so until the General Schuyler Emergency Squad would guarantee that they would provide the services to the entire town. The Town will advertise for a Request for Proposal for soil borings to be taken at the Town hall to determine what is located at what depths. The town board also approved contracts with then Schuyler Hose Company for $18,107.06, with the David Nevins Fire Department for $6,361.94 and with the Schuylerville Public Library for $4,500.

11- Schuylerville Village Board conducts meeting at which Mayor John Sherman reports that valuable archeological artifacts had been found at the proposed site of the water filtration plant near the boat launch. Approval was given to purchase $7,200. Worth of replacement equipment at the sewage treatment plant. Approval was given to pay C. D. Perry for engineering and construction on the new dam on the old Champlain Canal. Drug Risk Solutions was given permission to place a second trailer adjacent to the old school. Contracts were approved with the Schuylerville Public Library for $4,500. And $18,107.06 with the Town of Saratoga for fire protection.







4 – Mary "Rody" Cormie age 79 resident of Pearl Street in Schuylerville died Friday January 4, 2002. She was born July 15, 1922 in the Town of Easton the daughter of Ralph and Adeline (LaValley) MacDougal.

5- Raymond S. Blair age 82 died Saturday January 5, 2002 at his residence in Fort Ann. He was born May 27, 1919 in Victory Mills and was the son of Raymond and Irene Haley Blair.

8- Stanley C. Rogers age 79 of Schuylerville

9 – Robert T. Farrell age 72 a former resident of Church street died in Saratoga Hospital on Wednesday January 9, 2002. He was born April 12, 1929 in Victory Mills the son of James and Lorretta (Aubin) Farrell.

13 – Florence Patterson age 88 formerly of Old Schuylerville Road died Sunday January 13. 2002 at Fort Hudson Nursing Home. She was born may 29, 1913 in Saratoga Springs the daughter of Edward and Daisy Vandenburg Nash.




12- Alma I. Bovin, age 94, of Pearl Street in Schuylerville died Tuesday

February 12, 2002 at the Saratoga Hospital. She was born November 29, 1907 in Victory Mills and was the daughter of Louis and Bernadette Aussant Bovin. She had been employed by the J. Robert Sarle Insurance Agency of Schuylerville retiring in 1976.

14- Linda L. Marble, age 64 of Rt 4 Schuylerville died February 14, 2002 at the Saratoga Hospital. She was born February 27, 1937 in Albany the daughter of William and Eleanor Prefountain Swinton.



3- Catherine M. Ingham age 91, a former resident of Herkimer Street died Sunday March 3, 2002 at the Wesley Health Care Facility in Saratoga Springs. She was born July 4, 1910 in Smithville and was the daughter of John and Catherine Hughes Ingham.

5 – Joseph T. Mitchell II age 84 of Schuylerville died.

14 – Marie A. Herrick, age 81, of Church Street Schuylerville died Thursday March 14, 2002 at Pillsbury Manor South in South Burlington, VT. She was born June 10, 1920 in Hudson, NY and was the daughter of John and Ruth Taylor.

17 – Eleanor Mae Priest, age 76, of Ferry Street died Sunday, march 17, 2002 at the Child’s Nursing Home in Albany. She was born October 14, 1925 in Cambridge, NY and was the daughter of James and Mabel Arnott Robinson.




9- Robert R. Relyea age 66 died Tuesday April 9, 2002. He was born on December

6, 1935 in Thompson and was the son of Sherman and Irene Blair Relyea.

13 – Robert A. Varner, age 61, died Saturday, April 13, 2002 at his home on Spring Street in Schuylerville. He was born July 12, 1940 in Saratoga Springs and was the son of Elizabeth Hodges Varner and the late Dyall J. Varner.



6- Marie Turcott Johanson age 84 of Schuylerville died.



1- Kathleen Ackroyd Kelly age 77 died Saturday June 1, 2002 at her washington Street Residence in Schuylerville. She was born October 7, 1924 in Salford, England and was the daughter of Thomas and Catherine Cleary Ackroyd.

7- Ralph S. Squires, age 87 , died Friday, June 7, 2002 at his Burgoyne Road residence in Schuylerville. He was born December 15, 1914 in Northumberland and was the son of the late Ernest and Minnie Hoffman Squires. He retired from the Town of Saratoga Highway Department where he had been employed for over 25 years. He was an army veteran of WW II and was a member of the Old Saratoga Reformed Church.

  1. Carylmarie Sandberg age 54 of Schuylerville died.

12 – Arnold H. Johanson age 80, formerly of Schuylerville died.

16 – Sally Barton, age 93, of Victory Mills died.

21 – Ethel S. Peets age 94 of Schuylerville died.

23 – Walter E. Serbu age 95 of Schuylerville died. He was active in The American

Legion and The Green Sabres Drum and Bugle Corps.



3 - Ethel T. Wood age 85 formerly of Saratoga Street in Schuylerville died.

27 – William M. Keeley age 72 of Schuylerville died.



12 - Florence M. Hyatt age 87 of Victory died.

14 - Marion B. Dill, age 99 of Schuylerville died.

18 – Grace E. Pratt age 82 of Schuylerville died.



  1. Douglas E. MacGeorge age 86 of Schuylerville died.
  1. – James M. Richards Elms age 69 of Schuylerville died.

19 – Carl F. Blanchard age 93 of Victory died.

19 – Lucas Gabriel Hunziker, infant, of Schuylerville died.

23 – Bernadine Coonradt age 89 formerly of Schuylerville died.




2 – Etta M. Williams of Schuylerville died.

14 – Mary Agnes Irish age 74 of Schuylerville died.

17 – Andrew J. Hangarter age 88 of Schuylerville died.

22 – Sara J. Phillips age 78 of Schuylerville died.

24 – Eugene Roberts age 71 of Schuylerville died.

27 - Marian E. Stark, age 66, of Green Street Schuylerville died Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at the Saratoga Hospital. She was born October 18, 1936 in Windham, NY and was the daughter of Frances Noe Knapp and the late Charles Knapp.



4 – Dorothy "Dot" Barrett , age 88, died Wednesday, December 4, 2002 at the glens Falls Hospital. She was born January 30, 1914 and was the daughter of William and Mattie Seimer Sherman.

5- Benjamin Franklin "Wink" Weir of DeGarmo Road died Thursday December 5, 2002 at his winter home in Ormond Beach Florida. He was born October 14, 1917 in Greenwich, NY and was the son of John and Rose Genter Weir.

9 – Leo Harold Sullivan, age 68, died Monday December 9, 2002 at the Saratoga Hospital. He was born march 8, 1934 in Victory Mills and was the son of the late George and Christina Cormie Sullivan.

10 – Martha B. Henry, age 97, of Pine Street in Victory Mills died Tuesday December 10 at Maplewood Manor Nursing Home in Ballston Spa, NY. She was born September 4, 1905 in Poland and was the daughter of Anthony and Catherine Yope Barron.

11 – Ethel Sullivan Lewie, age 85, died Wednesday, December 11, 2002 at Saratoga Hospital. She was born December 4, 1917 in the Town of Saratoga and was the daughter of Charles and Christina Nevins Youmans.

13 – Nicholas Potochniak, age 80, died Friday, December 13, 2002 at Saratoga Hospital after a brief illness. He was born January 24, 1922 in Binghamton, NY and was the son of Michael and Pauline Pazia Pankow Potochniak.

13 – Scott R. Greeno, age 40, died Friday December 13, 2002 at Glens falls Hospital. He was born March 27, 1962 in Cambridge, NY and was the son of Roger and Jackie Whipple Greeno.

23 – Wendell C. Young, age 76, died Monday, December 23, 2002 at the Glens falls Hospital. He was born July 16, 1926 in the Town of Peru and was the son of Isabell Covel Young of Plattsburgh and the late Wendell H. Young.



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