Town of Saratoga

2020 Goals

1.  Keep Town Property Taxes as low as possible, closely monitor all town expenses and strive to have no additional tax increases in the upcoming year.

2.  Apply for a grant to Update Town Comprehensive plan and amend zoning ordinance to reflect recommendations of the newly adopted Agr. and Farmland Protection plan.

3.  Modify design, rebid, and construct new boat launch in the Hudson River on RT 4.

4.  Study possibilities for a canoe & kayak launch and parking area on Fish Creek near Bryant's Bridge or a possible location on DEC owned land  near Mennan Road near the Village of Victory.

5.  Receive more detailed monthly town court report

6.  Maintain rental occupancy at 100%

7.  Appoint a new Town Emergency Action Plan coordinator and update current Emergency Plan.

8.   Review personnel manual and modify long term retirement benefits costs and controls.

9.  Review town investment policy and increase interest on invested money.