2018 Goals


1.  Keep Town property taxes as low as possible, closely monitor all Town expenditures and          

     strive to have no additional tax increases in the upcoming years.


2.  Complete construction of the new salt storage shed.


3.  Complete work on the new tow path trail from the Germain property to the Garnsey property

     as well as constructing the paved boat launch with an adjacent dock on US Rt. 4, south of        



4.  Complete Farmland Protection Comprehensive Plan Grant project and amend Zoning

     Ordinance to reflect recommendations of the plan.


5.  Continue to assist with Phase I construction of the new Regional Gateway Visitor Center,

     located at 30 Ferry St., Schuylerville.


6.  Increase the rental occupancy rate to 100% generating the greatest amount of revenue for the

     Town as possible.


7.  Develop a Highway Department Safety Plan, keeping an Accident Log, and initiating an

     Accident Prevention and Reduction Training Plan.


8.  Investigate solar energy opportunities and implement where applicable and appropriate.


9.  Revise and update the Town of Saratoga Emergency Action Plan & Procedures.


10. Update Inventory of Capital Items to target replacements for budgetary purposes.


11. Replacement of Town Hall front doors with new insulated doors.


12. Seek grants for the highway garage roof replacement, Town Hall heating system

       modifications and additional security cameras and possibly the old bus garage roof,                                                                   

       depending on the life of that existing roof.