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Volume 2  Number  7  July, 2005

July will be another busy month filled with town activities.  We will celebrate the birth of our nation on Independence Day and special events such as the British Motor Fest, Music on the Hudson, and the Hudson Crossing Fest are scheduled.  The summer swimming program and other youth activities are in full swing.  The next meeting of the Town Board is scheduled for Monday, July 11th at 7:00 p.m.  Some of the items that will be covered at this meeting include: zoning officer's report, town clerk's report, supervisor's report, committee reports, town hall building committee update, town court report, cell tower update, and a report from the Zoning Amendment Advisory Committee.  On Thursday, July 7th the Town Board will conduct their monthly agenda meeting at which they will review agenda items scheduled for the July 11th meeting.  In addition, at 6:00 p.m. prior to the agenda meeting, the sixth meeting of the Town Hall Building Committee will be conducted.  At this sixth meeting there will be a report on the town hall survey, site soil boring results, architectural services proposals, update on possible sites, review of visits to newly constructed town halls in the county, and town hall use and space needs.  

During the summer, the Town of Saratoga Offices close at noon on Fridays. As always the Town Clerk is available after hours by appointment. Everyone is reminded that the monthly town newsletter, monthly calendar, and minutes of all town meetings are on the internet at

Saratoga Lake Association News   The annual meeting of the Saratoga Lake Association is scheduled for Thursday, July 28th at Panza’s on Route 9P.  The Town is working jointly with SLPID in applying for a 1.2 million dollar EPF grant to control the vegetation in Saratoga Lake.  In addition to the Town of  Saratoga, the application is supported by the Towns of Stillwater and Malta,  the City of Saratoga Springs, and Saratoga County.  Ed Dweck is commended for taking the leadership and devoting an extensive amount of time in applying for these funds. The official website of the Saratoga Lake Association is  This site is a source of much detailed information about events and activities taking place at the lake.

Turning Point Parade Activities Expanded           The 11th annual Turning Point Parade will be held on Sunday, August 7th.  The parade will start at 1:00 PM beginning at the school parking lot and traveling down Spring Street to Broad Street terminating at the Schuyler House.  This promises to be the biggest and best parade so far!  Please make an effort to attend and share a great time with your family and friends. Following the parade, a number of activities will continue at Fort Hardy Park.  These include a chicken barbecue, a number of musical performances, and  a petting zoo.  The evening will conclude with fireworks at dusk. A special thank you to Byron Peregrim and all members of the Turning Point Parade Committee for their dedication and hard work.                         

Turning Point 5K Race       The annual Turning Point 5K Race will be conducted on Sunday, August 7th at 9:00 AM.  Check in is from 7:00 AM to 8:45 AM.  The entry fee is $15 for pre-registered and $20 for race day registration.  Contact Kim Gamache at 583-2940 for additional information.                                         

Town Hall Building Committee Update          The Town Hall Building Committee has conducted five meetings to date and is making good progress in gathering data.  Over 2,300 survey forms were mailed to all households in the town. Nearly 400 survey forms have been returned and are being analyzed.  Dente Engineering drilled six test holes at locations on town property near the current town hall.  Preliminary results  indicate that there is about 20 feet of fill on the site, underneath which there is another 20 plus feet of coarse to fine sand.  It is approximately 40 – 50 feet to bedrock.  Final survey results and test boring results will be available soon.  The committee initially identified approximately 15 possible sites on which the town hall might be located.  This list of possible sites is being reduced.  In the near future a series of public meetings will be scheduled to obtain additional input from residents.                                                      

 Learn to Swim Program   The Town of Saratoga Learn to Swim Program started on June 29th at the home of  Todd and Connie Griffen located at 202 Casey Road. Approximately 135 children are participating in the program directed by Jeannie Duval, Director of the Town of Saratoga Youth Commission.  Lessons are given each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM for  eight weeks.  The program website is

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