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30 Ferry Street, P. O. Box 38  Schuylerville, NY 12871   Volume 1  Number  7  July 2004

Warm Greetings to Everyone      July will be another busy month filled with town activities.  The next meeting of the Town Board is scheduled for Monday, July 12th at 7:00 p.m.  Please note the earlier starting time.  Some of the items that will be covered at this meeting include: zoning officer's report, town clerk's reports, supervisor's report, public hearing on local laws numbers 5 and 6 concerning proposed changes to the zoning law and addition of a PUD (Planned Unit Development) section, games of chance information presentation by of the New York State Gaming and Racing Board, and committee reports. 

"Saratoga on the Move" is a new initiative to improve the health of residents by   encouraging exercise and modifying eating habits.  The program is about making small changes in one's lifestyle that can lead to big improvements in your health and quality of life.  This is a fun, easy program for the entire family and allows all participants to achieve a healthier life.  Materials are available in the Town Hall.    

The applications for purchase of development rights have been submitted for four farms in the town.  We anxiously await the decisions on our proposals.  Both the ZBA and Planning Board continue to have full agendas at their meetings.  Proposals that have been on their recent agendas include a number of new housing developments and a sand mine proposal.  

Town Court News -  Senior Town Justice Jack Ditch announces that the  Youth Court Program has begun. In this program youth take part in minor offense trials of their peers.  Results from across the state indicate that this program provides the youth with valuable educational learning opportunities.  Judge Mathis reports that the Science of Speeding alternative sentencing program is also going well. To date twelve people have completed the five hour course.  The course is taught in the basement of the town hall by a certified driver education teacher and is endorsed by the Saratoga County District Attorney’s Office and the Saratoga County Traffic Safety Council.  

Saratoga Lake Association News

     The Saratoga Lake Association’s next meeting will be at Panza's on Rt. 9P on Thursday, July 22nd  Items to be discussed include: harvesting water chestnuts, (call Jim Nelson at 584-2389 for info), SLA Bi-laws, the county water system, SLA calendar, and the Saratoga Lake Triathlon to be held September 11th. The official website of the association is  This site is a source of much detailed information about events and activities taking place at the lake. 

Turning Point Parade

The 10th annual Turning Point Parade will be held on Sunday August 1st .  The parade will start at 1:00 PM beginning at the school parking lot and traveling down Spring Street to Broad Street terminating at the Schuyler House.  This will be the biggest and best parade so far!  Please make an effort to attend and share a great time with your family and friends.  A special "thank you" to Byron Peregrim and all members of the Turning Point Parade Committee for their dedication and hard work.

LWRP Grant Received by the Town

On Friday May 28th Governor George Pataki announced that the Town of Saratoga was awarded a Local Waterfront Revitalization Grant for $35,000.  The purpose of the grant is for the development of a long term comprehensive planning effort involving the Towns of Saratoga, Northumberland, Greenwich and Easton plus the Villages of Schuylerville and Victory.  The project is needed to unite the planning initiatives, to increase public access to the Champlain Canal, to stimulate economic development, and to improve the quality of life for residents.

Family Fun Day

The Schuylerville Area chamber of Commerce is coordinating the annual Family Fun Day program to be held on Saturday July 17th.   Events scheduled for the day include the British Motor Fest, Chicken Barbecue prepared by the David Nevins Fire Department, a Band Concert by the Cambridge Community Band, games and prizes for the youth of the town,  and a presentation by the Metawee Theater.  Funds for the day were provided by the Saratoga County Youth Bureau and the Town of Saratoga  



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