FEBRUARY 23, 2004

7:30 PM



Chairman Stephen Bodnar called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and explained the

Rules of the Board.


Roll Call: Clerk Ruth Drumm called the roll. Chairman Stephen Bodnar present, Thomas Carringi present, Barbara Faraone absent, Clifford Hanehan present, William Shutz absent, Joyce Waldinger present, David Hall present, and Alternate James Burke present


Also present: Zoning Officer Robert Hathaway, Michele McClure and Andrew Sheeran


Approval of Minutes: All board members present had read the minutes of the January 26, 2004 meeting. A motion was made by Clifford Hanehan and seconded by David Hall to accept the minutes of January 26, 2004 as written. Chairman Stephen Bodnar aye, Clifford Hanehan aye, Joyce Waldinger aye, Thomas Carringi aye, James Burke aye, and David Hall aye. Carried 6-0


Order of Business:


#04-02: Andrew Sheeran & Michele McClure

178 County Rd. 69

Schuylerville, NY 12871


Applicant is seeking an area variance to construct 2 additional temporary greenhouses, 22 x 80, March until July. Presently two greenhouses exist on the 2.1-acre parcel at 178 County Rd. 69. Rural District, S/B/L 182-2-16 Andrew Sheeran addressed the board and stated that with the two additional greenhouses, a total of 10,504 sq. ft. of building coverage would exist which computes to 11.5% building coverage where 10% is allowed. He also stated that he would like to operate a farm stand at the site and would like to change the greenhouses from temporary to permanent structures. It was noted that he would need to apply to Zoning Officer Robert Hathaway for the permits needed for permanent greenhouse structures and would need to return to the Planning Board for a Special Use Permit for permanent greenhouses. Zoning Officer Robert Hathaway commented that the roadside farm stand is a permitted use but an area variance would be needed. The board noted that they could only consider what was proposed and advertised for at this meeting, which is the two additional temporary greenhouses. Chairman Stephen Bodnar discussed the variances needed for the greenhouses starting with the 3 acres required for an agri-business and that only 2.1 acres exist, the lot width required is 300 feet, with only 283 feet available, the frontage setbacks are met, the total of two sides are not met and the one side yard (east) of 50 feet is met and the rear yard will be met with at least one of the buildings. The lot coverage will be exceeded by 1.5%. Chairman Stephen Bodnar asked the board for any additional comments. Clifford Hanehan asked if there was any feedback from their neighbors and Andrew Sheeran responded that they had been in contact with neighbor Walter Taras and he had no problem with it. Walter Taras had also been sent a letter by the Zoning Clerk notifying him of the public hearing tonight. Chairman Stephen Bodnar asked if the height of the greenhouses would be the same as the present greenhouses and Andrew Sheeran said yes. Joyce Waldinger made a motion that the area variance be granted for two temporary greenhouses, 22 x 80, since it will not produce any change in the character of the neighborhood or have any adverse impacts on the physical or environmental conditions of the neighborhood. It was noted that they would not come any closer than 25 feet from the rear setback or any closer to the side setbacks than what exists now. Clifford Hanehan seconded the motion. Chairman Stephen Bodnar aye, Clifford Hanehan aye, Joyce Waldinger aye, Thomas Carringi aye, James Burke aye, and David Hall aye. Carried 6-0 Granted


Clifford Hanehan noted that in respect to any future expansions the lot coverage would be a problem.


Old Business: None


New Business: Chairman Stephen Bodnar mentioned that suggestions for Zoning Amendments are still being taken and to please give them to him. He will be meeting with Ian Murray, Chairman of the Planning Board, and Supervisor Thomas Wood to further discuss the proposed changes in the near future.


The next meeting will be Monday, March 22, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.


A motion to adjourn was made at 8:10 p.m. by Dave Hall and seconded by Thomas Carringi. Chairman Stephen Bodnar aye, Clifford Hanehan aye, Joyce Waldinger aye, Thomas Carringi aye, James Burke aye, and David Hall aye. Carried 6-0



Respectfully submitted,



Ruth L. Drumm



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